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The oil and gas industry use a number of methods to recruit workers. Sometimes they select from resumes that are sent directly to them or use word of mouth but more often than than not they will advertise on line or with a recruitment company.

Work on an oil rig can be physically demanding. You will be required to work long hours on both day and night shifts. On offshore rigs accommodation is provided however you often have to share this with other workers. You will need to be comfortable with confined spaces and heights. If you are all right with all of that then you may like to consider finding employment in the industry. Jobs include:

-Roustabout -Labourer -Roughneck -Motor hand -Derrickhand -Drillers and Drillers Assistants Toolpushers -Wellsite supervisor

There are also more advanced roles for those with trades and degrees as well as support jobs like:

Store person Crane operator Accommodation manager Radio operator Medic or doctor Commercial diver Firefighter Chef or cook If you are ready for a career in the oil and gas industry then make sure you are fully informed before hand. We can advise you on everything you need to know about getting into the oil industry.

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